Glenn Shimkus


SVP, Product & Design

Glenn Shimkus is responsible for leading DocuSign’s presence in the real estate industry. He was previously the co-founder and CEO of Cartavi, which was acquired by DocuSign. He is a technology enthusiast, gadget aficionado and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the fields of document management, mobile applications, and cloud computing.

Glenn was inspired to found Cartavi after his wife Shantel became a real estate agent and he saw firsthand the challenges she faced storing, accessing, and sharing the myriad of documents associated with every real estate transaction. After spending over a year researching the real estate industry, he decided to focus his passion on changing the way transactions are managed in real estate.

Prior to Cartavi, Glenn was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Morgan Street Document Systems and also the founder and CEO of LightsEdge—both of which offered cloud-based solutions for managing documents and a focus on supporting a mobile constituency. Before the entrepreneurial bug bit, he also spent over a decade working for large international organizations such as Amdocs, PLATINUM technology and Unisys where he focused on leading those organization’s efforts in document management.