Danielle Sissons


Vice President of Operations, RESAAS

Danielle is the Vice President of Communications at RESAAS, a professional social network for the real estate industry. RESAAS provides real estate agents with a platform to be social online for the purpose of generating business... a place to discover, connect, learn, market, refer and network with other agents... locally, nationally and around the world. Danielle has played a significant role in the company’s growth to-date. In addition to managing all communications efforts for both RESAAS’ target customer and investor audience, Danielle was one of two lead Project Managers working on the RE/MAX Global Referral Network, which was officially launched in March 2014 to 95,000 agents worldwide. Danielle is also primarily responsible for all business development deals related to real estate associations and is familiar with all necessary planning and administrative procedures that need to be in place for a successful partnership.