Chris Pflueger


Vice President, Business Development

Chris Pflueger oversees Business Development and Franchise Sales for RE/MAX, LLC and Motto Franchising, LLC. Chris provides strategic franchise sales direction for RE/MAX in U.S. Company-Owned Regions and for Motto nationally.  

Chris joined RE/MAX in 2007 as a Business Development Consultant in the Brokerage Operations division. He joined the RE/MAX Central Atlantic Regional team as a Senior Franchise Development Consultant and then took that position for RE/MAX Florida. In 2009 he was promoted to Regional Director of RE/MAX Florida.

In early 2013, Chris was involved in the transition of RE/MAX Texas to an Owned Region, and in June 2013 he returned to RE/MAX Central Atlantic as Regional Director. He became Region Vice President, Business Development in 2013, and was promoted to Vice President, Business Development in February 2015.

Chris grew up in Miami, in a family with a 50-year tradition in real estate. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Florida and in 2000 received his MBA at the University of South Florida.

After graduating, Chris worked extensively in securities and banking technology while also investing in real estate, a field he embraced full-time in 2005 after moving to Colorado.

Chris lives in Highlands Ranch, Colo., with his wife Marnie. They have two children, one of whom is a nationally ranked competitive fencer.

Chris is a tennis fan, a huge supporter of Florida Gators football, and an avid traveler who counts Australia and Hawaii among his favorite destinations.