Tom Gonser


Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, DocuSign

Tom Gonser is the founder of DocuSign and leads the company's overall strategy. A well-regarded thought leader, Tom is considered by many to be the father of electronic signatures. Prior to starting DocuSign, Tom was founder and CEO of NetUPDATE, a leading online transaction management system that handled millions of mortgage transactions yearly. NetUPDATE was recognized as one of the Pacific Northwest's 'Hot Companies' in 2001.

Prior to NetUPDATE, Tom served as senior vice president of business development at, where he led large-scale portal relationships and developed strategic partnerships, growing web traffic from a few thousand unique visits per month to more than 700,000.

Prior to working with startup companies, Tom held senior management positions at AT&T Wireless Services and McCaw Cellular Wireless Data Division. He also spent six years with Apple Computer in business development. Tom earned a BA in Economics with an emphasis in Business Systems Analysis and Design from the University of Washington.