The Story behind REach™


People are asking – why did we start REach™?  It’s simple – we hear from high potential early stage startups every day that want to partner with National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) or its investment arm, Second Century Ventures (SCV) to help them break into the real estate market.  Until REach™ however, neither organization had a meaningful way to connect with companies until those companies had demonstrated a proof of concept into the marketplace which is when SCV considers companies for investment.  At SCV, we literally have hundreds of companies coming to us every year that fall into that “too early stage” category and before REach™, we simply had to turn them away.  The result is that we would lose an opportunity to help young companies connect with the industry and innovate within it; we often lost track of the companies and the future opportunity to invest in them and we would lose an opportunity to provide NAR members with better tools to help them achieve their business goals.  REach™ was started to provide a place to connect with those young companies and help accelerate their growth in to Real Estate.

A HUGE Market
Any growth company should recognize the market opportunity within the real estate market:

·       $1T market

·       $7B in ad spend

·       $45B generated in commission

·       1M+ Realtors®

·       12M Consumers

REach™ aims to help young companies recognize their potential in the industry, provide education to help them understand the market faster than they could do on their own, and provide mentorship from the best and brightest in the industry with millions of exposure points to their target customers that is unparalleled to what they could achieve on their own. 

With this program, we hope to connect with companies that are generating innovation in the industry, provide a great benefit to real estate agents, consumers and investors and even help spur the economy overall.

Constance Freedman