REach® Class of 2014


Your complete lead generation and communication technology for social media


Back At You Media is the #1 social media marketing company dedicated to the Real Estate industry. We provide a full-service lead generation, communication and education platform through the use of proprietary technology on social networks like Facebook.

Back At You Media

Helping REALTORS keep their hard-earned money by automatically tracking their expenses, mileage, and time.


Deductr was designed to help REALTORS maximize their eligible tax deductions, eliminate tax-time stress, and keep more of what they work so hard to make.  Deductr’s patent pending technology automates the tracking of expenses, mileage, and time and provides single-click access to everything they need to maximize their deductions.


Build relationships and extra income by helping clients turn unused office space into cash.


Desktime helps commercial brokers optimize their client’s offices and facilities by turning unused space into co-working areas and connecting them to independent and mobile workers who are seeking well-suited spaces to work, anywhere and anytime. Desktime’s online platform helps brokers earn extra commissions and turns unused office space into cash by facilitating easy management of a shared workspace, booking to billing, managing availability and communicating with users, all in a single app.


Increase your deal flow and closings by referring clients to prequalified lenders that will fund their real estate needs and business expansion plans.


FundWell is an online marketplace that prequalifies and matches small businesses and commercial real estate investors to lenders. FundWell users get access to the best funding options they are eligible for today, and improve their fundability for more and lower cost financing in the future.


Software as a Service platform that tracks energy utilization in buildings to optimize efficiency and regulatory reporting.


SeaSuite by Goby helps building owners and managers run better buildings by capturing and distilling multiple building data sources into simple, contextualized dashboards, tasks, and reports. SeaSuite outputs ensure compliance with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and institutional reporting requirements.


Mobile, flexible, and connected telephony for real estate professionals.


SendHub is telephony designed with the real estate professional in mind: It is mobile, works on any device, and offers real-time analytics, text messaging, and all the features of a PBX phone system.


Win more listings by identifying and automatically marketing to homeowners most likely to sell in your neighborhood


SmartZip’s marketing automation platform (SmartTargeting) uses the power of big data to help agents win listings by identifying top home seller prospects accurately and reaching them through targeted online, social and offline marketing campaigns. SmartZip’s analytics are trusted by leading real estate businesses to increase user engagement on their websites.


Create your own videos: No Experience Necessary


WeVideo redefines video creation and editing, allowing any agent to create professional-grade videos with just a few clicks on the web using a desktop browser or any mobile device.  


Class of 2014

The following companies make up the 2014 class of REach® Accelerator Companies: