Gino Chirio


Vice President of Innovation and Account Director, Maddock Douglas

Gino has 20 years of communications, advertising and brand strategy experience, much of which has been within the real estate industry. That experience includes a 12-year relationship with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, developing numerous programs and campaigns targeted at REALTORS®, including new member orientation materials, ongoing communications of Association benefits, added-value initiatives, cooperative State and Local Association efforts, advocacy communications, launches of Association-wide initiatives, brand strategy and more. Gino has also spoken on NAR's behalf at many Midyear and Annual conventions on marketing and communications to REALTORS®. Before working with NAR at Maddock Douglas, he worked with tech companies like REIC, Interealty and Classified Ventures in the real estate industry and currently works with companies looking to re-invent their futures by creating new products and services.

Maddock Douglas is based in Elmhurst, IL and is the leading Innovation Agency, focusing on the identification, development and implementation of new products and services. They use a proven process to identify needs of the highest value segments in the marketplace, create ideas that meet those needs, then develop and communicate them to the market. In addition to NAR, current clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Walmart, Transamerica and other companies with a focus on innovation and a desire to aggressively get and stay ahead in their rapidly changing industries.