BK Allen


Chief Executive Officer, CCIM

Working in Commercial Real Estate Since 1974.

BK has spent more than 25 years in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Starting in the brokerage side of the business and maturing into advisory services after serving as the first female President of the CCIM Institute. During her tenure with the help of a highly qualified staff she was able to take the Institute out of its infancy, by designating over 1000 CCIMs that year, close to doubling its annual revenues, and putting two million dollars into reserves. She gladly shares her organizational skills with her clients through BK Allen Real Estate and BA Realty Advisors and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to her clients. An author, consultant, real estate developer, broker and instructor, BK is known internationally as a specialist in real estate advisory services. Her development, consulting/planning, and investment real estate experiences add depth to her counsel. Her present practice of real estate advisory services and development started in the Metropolitan Washington, DC market in 1983. Her academic expertise has been combined with that of "the school of hard knocks", making her counsel all the more valuable.