The REach® blog postings are written by the REach® team and friends of the program, SCV and NAR. It will give you a sense of what the program is about, topics and technologies we find interesting and some insight into what the real estate market is thinking.

Day in the life of a REALTOR®

Tuesday, 730am.  A new day!  Meeting day.  Broker open day.  Buyer and seller day.  Large coffee day, because I’ll need it.

800am.  It’s time to prepare for the all-office meeting.  It’s the first Tuesday of the month so pouring over the previous month’s MLS stats – absorption rate change, sales by neighborhood and zipcode, month over month and year over year change – is the name of the game.   I dump the stats into a Powerpoint presentation which is then deployed to agents via the company shared Dropbox folder.

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Personal Relationship Management (PRM)

There is a new class of relationship management tools that have started popping up in the last few years that we believe have strong applicability in real estate and could change the way agents market and cultivate referrals.  This set of tools fall under the term, Personal Relationship Management (PRM).

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What are the ideal types of companies to fit into REach™?

Our focus is on technology companies that change the way the world does business.  That doesn’t necessarily mean real estate technology companies – in fact, many of our companies won’t first appear to be real estate related at all.   Consider, for example, SCV investments DocuSign and Ifbyphone.  DocuSign is everywhere from Salesforce to insurance to financial institutions – it is not a real estate technology per se, yet the eSignature is the fasted growing technology adopted within real estate.  Similarly,

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The Story behind REach™

People are asking – why did we start REach™?  It’s simple – we hear from high potential early stage startups every day that want to partner with National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) or its investment arm, Second Century Ventures (SCV) to help them break into the real estate market.  Until REach™ however, neither organization had a meaningful way to connect with companies until those companies had demonstrated a proof of concept into the marketplace which is when SCV considers companies for investment.  At SCV, we literally have hundreds of companies coming to us every year that fall into

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