Seeking Women Entrepreneurs & Final Call for Applications


VC Fund seeking Women Entrepreneurs
Thanks to everyone who has helped us spread the word, and to those who have applied for REach 2015.  We’ve seen tremendous interest with nearly double the applications over last year, from very high-quality companies.

We have decided to extend our final application deadline to March 15 and we have a special favor to ask you.  Of the hundreds of companies that have applied for REach 2015, one noticeable group of applicants is missing: women! Only two female-led companies applied.

We  hope you send all quality referrals our way, but in particular, please take an extra moment to think about the stellar women in your networks and point them to REach – a program that can help them catapult their business forward.  Women entrepreneurs are majority owners of an estimated ten million businesses in the U.S. and research suggests that women-led tech companies, when venture-backed, bring in 12% higher revenue than similar male-led companies and have a 35% higher ROI. We’d like to be a part of accelerating that trend and ensure that our companies, industry constituents and investors benefit from a diversified REach 2015 Class.  

While participating in REach is not a guarantee of receiving additional VC funding, the 15 companies that have participated so far have raised a total of $36 million after joining the program. Please help us spread the word to companies that might be interested.



Jessica Graeser