iOi, our opportunity to innovate.


iOi, our opportunity to innovate.
25 years ago, the real estate industry was at a crossroads. The “information superhighway” was gaining critical mass. We, as an industry, had to decide if we were going to adopt this new technology for ourselves or fight to maintain the status quo. We took a potential disruption and turned it into an opportunity. Today, REALTORS® flourish in the Internet age. 
New technologies and business models continue to emerge. Globalization has also made it easier for successful companies in other nations to bring their innovative services to the United States. These factors could represent further disruptions, or the real estate industry can look at them as opportunities. 
iOi, the Real Estate Innovation, Opportunity, and Investment Summit, hosted by the National Association of REALTORS®, is being created to leverage those opportunities. This exciting event is happening on August 28-30 in San Francisco.
Who is this conference for?
It’s for innovators, investors, and more.
Do you already have a product or service for the real estate and mortgage industry? Come to iOi. Have you recently created a new start-up in these verticals? Definitely attend. Is your product just an idea? No problem, we want you to register as well.
NAR’s Second Century Ventures has been highly successful in building key relationships with real estate technology companies. We believe that innovative companies are a perfect fit for divergent capital investors. Often, it takes a mix of of the right investors to fund the right company. Do you want to network with innovators, REALTORS®, and other venture capital investors who are interested in the real estate and fin-tech space? This is your opportunity.
The conference is for real estate and mortgage professionals. Are you a broker, banker, CIO, office manager, loan officer, or agent seeking an understanding of the emerging technologies that will shape the next decade of the real estate industry? Register now. 
What does the conference have to offer?
iOi will cover topics like the effect of artificial intelligence on hiring, and how regulatory issues can encourage or curb innovation. There will also be an artificial intelligence hackathon, and a start-up battle competition for innovators. You can see the agenda here. 
Where will the conference take place?
Bespoke, a trifecta of coworking, demonstration, and event spaces strategically located at Westfield San Francisco in the epicenter of downtown. As one of San Francisco’s newest event spaces, Bespoke features state of the art audio video, high speed WiFi, and an embedded start-up community working on site.
When can I register?
Registration is open and space is limited. Register today to secure your seat. Click here. 
How do I join the Start-Up Battle or Hackathon?
We’ll start taking submissions in the next week. If you want to be informed when the application process begins, email Todd Carpenter at